Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday update

After Saturday night's "homestay", each of the groups worshiped with their hosts Sunday morning. Two of the groups were able to attend a local wedding (see pics below) and experience another part of the Filipino culture. Following a lunch which included a roasted pig... everyone loaded up in the jeep once again for the hour trip back into the city. Right before the jeep arrived at the hotel... the other two teams arrived, via motorcycle. All 7 team members, their host, plus drivers arrived on 2 motorcycles. Oh I wish I'd had my camera handy! I'm sure they felt every bump on the trip into the city.Everyone was looking forward to a shower and a clean set of clothes! Right now the team is meeting to finalize their ministry for the next few days. The medical team will continue with the clinics while the youth team will travel to a different location each day. The youth team will be sharing a short dental presentation with 1-3 grade students each morning, playing games with the students during lunch, and then sharing some time with high school students after lunch. Hopefully they'll get to play a few volleyball games with the older students while sharing the gospel through drama, personal testimonies, and giving out tracts. Late each afternoon they'll play a basketball game against the local village team.

Wedding lunch

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