Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Update

What a great day the youth team had! They started their day with a 45 minute ride on a pumpboat up the Agusan River to the village of Bilay. They shared a brief dental/Gospel presentation in the first through third grade classrooms. During the student's lunch break the team was able to play with the children... bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!! The kids also grabbed up all the balloon animals Doug & Lauren could make... as quickly as they could make them!

In the afternoon they shared the dental presentation with the daycare program (3 & 4 year olds) and then headed for the high school. The Filipino students taught the team a local game. It was fun to watch them play! The girls played the game first... the American girls did a good job learning the game but were never able to "score." When the guys turn came they did a little better... looks like a good game to play during football/basketball practice to work on their agility! They also played volleyball against the local students.

While some were playing, other team members talked one on one with the students, sharing the "storytelling bracelet" (salvation bracelet) with them. Pray for these seeds that were planted.

Around 5:30 people began to gather for the basketball game: Americans vs Filipinos. All played a great game and our team did end up winning by about 5 points. This was an especially fun game for David since this is the village where we lived when he was 5-8 years old. Several of his friends were playing on the opposing team. During halftime the team shared several dramas, Sara and Christy shared a brief testimony, and a presentation was made to the local officials with a letter and gift from the Fort Payne Mayor's office. A drawing was also held for a couple basketballs, a t-shirt, (Thanks Sand Rock High School) and a frisbee.

"Walk the Line"

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