Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Update

Friday morning the medical team left early for their first clinic site. They saw over 60 families... most with 5 or 6 members each. The local pastor said that many of the residents commented that this was the first time they had seen Americans! All American men now must look like Dr. Mike and the majority of the women must have curly hair (Rhea, Eleanor, & Taryn)! It was a great day! We'll post pictures as soon as we can.

After morning devotion led by one of the Nehemiah Team members (Ben, from Albertville), the youth team headed to a local Habitat for Humanity site for a morning of work. They felt like they were in a parade as they loaded up in the Habitat dumptruck for the 15 minute ride through Butuan City to the worksite. (see video of them leaving the hotel) The ladies spent the morning painting metal trusses while the others began the walls of the house currently under construction.

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