Thursday, August 28, 2008

More family pictures...

Riding the longest zipline in Asia... Superman style!!!

Kids Korner

School has been back in session for a couple weeks now and it seems like we're getting on a pretty normal routine. It used to be weird to think, "We are parents of a teenage?!." Now we say, "We are parents of a senior!" as David has begun his senior year at Faith Academy in Manila. Volleyball season started today and he's excited about playing again this year. Pray for David as he manages his time between sports, activities with friends, and keeping on top of his classes. Pray that he will be sensitive to God's leading for his future plans. It's our prayer that this will be a great year for him... full of memories and defining times that he'll remember for a lifetime!

Krysten is enjoying her 8th grade year at Faith Academy here in Davao City. Already busy with Student Council (vice-president), chapel praise team (keyboard), sports (intramural soccer & tennis lessons), not to mention her academic subjects... it looks like it's going to be a busy year! Pray for Krysten as she also learns to budget her time and choose wisely where she spends h
er time. Pray for a continued desire to grow in God's grace & inner beauty.

Betsy is thinking 3rd grade isn't much different than 2nd grade. We keep telling her it will surely get harder some day! Her current hobby is trying to teach our black Labrador some new tricks. She's started making an obstacle course around the backyard. He seems to be pretty eager to learn as long as there is some food involved! She loves to be outside... playing with the dog, riding her bike with neighbors, and going swimming. She's also started piano lessons and seems to enjoy that too. Mom might not be the best teacher in the world but hopefully she'll get the basics! Pray for Betsy to continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's moving in her life. Pray that she will be helpful to her teachers and an encouragement to her classmates.

Hands on the Rim

A new program through our organization offers 4 to 12 month positions. Hands On is missions experience for college students and young adults. You'll be able to join real missionaries in their efforts to reach the lost. You'll be called upon to use whatever skills you have as tools to help start new churches and share about Jesus Christ with people who may have never even heard His name. Complete information can be found on the Hands On website...

Many teams are requested for 2009 for the PacRim region. From agriculture to orphanages... student ministry in urban centers to evangelism in some of the hardest to reach places ... teaching English to the unreached to teaching children at a missionary school... the opportunities are here!! The first session is February 8 through August 2, just short of 6 months. The second session is 4 months... August 16 through December 17.
Will you be the hands that will show God's love?!

Student Summit

Basta matapos kita!!! (If only we may finish!!)
November 7-8, 2008
Longview Heights Baptist Church, Olive Branch, Mississippi
  • Speaker: Claude Hickman of The Traveling Team and author of Live Life on Purpose
  • Breakout sessions.... Are you a World Christian? Who are the UPG's of the PacRim? God's Will or Mine?
  • Interactive seminars
  • Missionaries: Up-close & personal
  • Worship & fellowship
Registration must be done online before October 22 in order to be admitted to the event. Go to for complete registration information.
Pray for students who will be attending this event. Pray for the Lord to speak to them about their part of reaching the world for Christ!

Take it to the Rim: PacRim Summit

The Pacific Rim Region is holding it's second "Take it to the Rim Summit" on November 5-7, 2008 at Longview Heights Baptist Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi. (10 miles from Memphis, TN). A student event will follow the main event beginning on the evening of the 7th thru the afternoon of the 8th. Come and learn more about what God is doing in this region of the world and how you can make a greater impact among the 800+ million living here. Meet others working among your UPG, those looking for a place to partner and talk with 50 field personnel for first hand information. Register at

The Summit is designed for pastors, ministers of missions and lay missions leaders to equip partners for strategic involvement among the people of the PacRim. More than 40 field personnel will share a fresh perspective of God at work among the peoples of the PacRim and the great need for the Church to join in the task of lostness. The Summit will help you explore new strategies, learn best practices, and establish people group networks for working in the region. Jess will be one of the participants at the Summit. We are excited for him to share all that God is doing through students here in the PacRim.

An Impossible Task

Nehemiah 6:15 "So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifty of Elul, in 52 days." Their rebuilding the wall was an incredible... No! ... it was an impossible task. But with "the help of our God," the impossible was made possible. With your prayers and the help of our God, we have seen God do amazing things since April through Filipino, Korean, and American Nehemiah Teams.

145 students on 28 teams shared the gospel in over 100 places in 4 different countries. They handed out around 20,000 pieces of evangelistic literature, conducted over 500 home bible studies, had 1100 Gospel inquirers (people who prayed a sinner's prayer) and 66 people were baptized. Nehemiah Teams members built a house with Habitat for Humanity, ministered to 174 orphans & 80 refugees, and 1000 young people heard the message of True Love Waits. (For a full report go to God is truly amazing! Great things He has done!

The vision God has given us is to "Lead this generation to finish the Great Commission in this generation." In the early 1900's, John R. Mott said, "If all men need the gospel, if we owe the gospel to all men, if Christ has commanded us to preach the gospel to every creature, it is unquestionably our duty to give all people in our generation an opportunity to hear the gospel."

We are calling out a generation to give up their small ambitions and go to the unreached and hard to reach of the world. In this going short-term, we are praying that many will commit that whether live or die, they will take responsibility for this generation of souls.

As God is leading us through many open doors, we need you more than ever. We need your prayer support. Please take time to look at our website ( and begin praying for 2009. You can see the teams that are requested for summer 2009 here within the PacRim region... and beyond!

Over the next two months we will explain to you further the direction God is leading us, how we are organizing ourselves for advancement, and how you can join us in very practical ways.