Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kids Korner

School has been back in session for a couple weeks now and it seems like we're getting on a pretty normal routine. It used to be weird to think, "We are parents of a teenage?!." Now we say, "We are parents of a senior!" as David has begun his senior year at Faith Academy in Manila. Volleyball season started today and he's excited about playing again this year. Pray for David as he manages his time between sports, activities with friends, and keeping on top of his classes. Pray that he will be sensitive to God's leading for his future plans. It's our prayer that this will be a great year for him... full of memories and defining times that he'll remember for a lifetime!

Krysten is enjoying her 8th grade year at Faith Academy here in Davao City. Already busy with Student Council (vice-president), chapel praise team (keyboard), sports (intramural soccer & tennis lessons), not to mention her academic subjects... it looks like it's going to be a busy year! Pray for Krysten as she also learns to budget her time and choose wisely where she spends h
er time. Pray for a continued desire to grow in God's grace & inner beauty.

Betsy is thinking 3rd grade isn't much different than 2nd grade. We keep telling her it will surely get harder some day! Her current hobby is trying to teach our black Labrador some new tricks. She's started making an obstacle course around the backyard. He seems to be pretty eager to learn as long as there is some food involved! She loves to be outside... playing with the dog, riding her bike with neighbors, and going swimming. She's also started piano lessons and seems to enjoy that too. Mom might not be the best teacher in the world but hopefully she'll get the basics! Pray for Betsy to continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's moving in her life. Pray that she will be helpful to her teachers and an encouragement to her classmates.

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