Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Impossible Task

Nehemiah 6:15 "So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifty of Elul, in 52 days." Their rebuilding the wall was an incredible... No! ... it was an impossible task. But with "the help of our God," the impossible was made possible. With your prayers and the help of our God, we have seen God do amazing things since April through Filipino, Korean, and American Nehemiah Teams.

145 students on 28 teams shared the gospel in over 100 places in 4 different countries. They handed out around 20,000 pieces of evangelistic literature, conducted over 500 home bible studies, had 1100 Gospel inquirers (people who prayed a sinner's prayer) and 66 people were baptized. Nehemiah Teams members built a house with Habitat for Humanity, ministered to 174 orphans & 80 refugees, and 1000 young people heard the message of True Love Waits. (For a full report go to God is truly amazing! Great things He has done!

The vision God has given us is to "Lead this generation to finish the Great Commission in this generation." In the early 1900's, John R. Mott said, "If all men need the gospel, if we owe the gospel to all men, if Christ has commanded us to preach the gospel to every creature, it is unquestionably our duty to give all people in our generation an opportunity to hear the gospel."

We are calling out a generation to give up their small ambitions and go to the unreached and hard to reach of the world. In this going short-term, we are praying that many will commit that whether live or die, they will take responsibility for this generation of souls.

As God is leading us through many open doors, we need you more than ever. We need your prayer support. Please take time to look at our website ( and begin praying for 2009. You can see the teams that are requested for summer 2009 here within the PacRim region... and beyond!

Over the next two months we will explain to you further the direction God is leading us, how we are organizing ourselves for advancement, and how you can join us in very practical ways.

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