Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Summer 2008: Filipino & American Teams

Filipino Nehemiah Teams

This is the final month of preparation before national Nehemiah Teams begin their orientations and ministry. We are so excited about the 6 franchises across the Philippines planning & praying to send out 27 teams among the unreached & hard to reach. Continue to pray for students to be obedient in "going"... pray for churches to be faithful in "sending"... pray as we prepare materials for the teams. More information about the locations of these teams is available on our website (

American Nehemiah Teams

Several of the American teams for this June & July are already full... we praise the Lord for those! However, there are still several teams that need more members... and some teams with no one assigned at all. As students continue to apply for summer positions, pray for their hearts to be open to going to some "hard places"... places with people who are waiting for a messenger to come & share with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.

For more information about this summer's opportunities, you can check our website ( Look under "Where: American") or ( keyword search "Nehemiah Teams") Teams include general evangelism teams as well as service teams (Orphanage, Habitat for Humanity, and agriculture/construction teams). The Little Orphan Nanny teams were the first ones to fill! We're excited about this new avenue of ministry and partnering with some other ministries here in the Philippines. There is still one media position open.... someone to come & work on a new website, design some promotional materials, and supervise the media folks assigned to the various teams.

Pray for those assigned to serve this summer. Pray for the Lord to provide their financial needs. It's awesome to hear the testimonies of how God provides for these students. Pray for their spiritual preparation as they prepare to share the Good News with many who may have never heard.

Semester Intern
Becca, a student from California Baptist University, arrived the first week of February and will spend the next six months with us. Currently she is spending a month studying language & culture in Butuan City. March through May will be spent volunteering in various orphanages in the Davao & Manila area, helping us to see which ones can best benefit from the Little Orphan Nanny teams serving through Nehemiah Teams this June & July. Pray for Becca as she deals with culture shock & missing her family. Pray for a servant heart as she loves the little ones. You can read more on her blog:

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