Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kid's Korner (March 08)

We have been so thankful over the years for good health for our family. It's not something we take for granted and we are continually amazed of His provision in that area. Well... the month of February threw a few kinks in that situation! The month started out with Krysten getting her nose broken while playing basketball after school. Ouch! Two weeks later we get a message from David's dorm parents telling us he is being admitted to the hospital with possible appendicitis. Double ouch! Thanks to many of you who knew about these situations and prayed.

Krysten left 2 days after her "accident" to go with her classmates on a week-long "outdoor education" trip to Manila. She didn't get to participate as much as she would have liked... but it was a good trip! She had the packing removed after a week and seems to be healing fine. But... she won't be playing any basketball or soccer for a while without her nose guard! She's looking forward to her first "stage appearance" in the Middle School production of "The Velveteen Rabbit" where she'll be playing the part of Andrew's mother. She also plays piano and sings with the middle school praise band.

David had an appendectomy on the evening of Valentine's Day, checked out of the hospital on Saturday, and was back in school on Monday. The biggest disappointment was not getting to go with the basketball team on the following Sunday for their end of the season tournament in Korea. He's having to stay away from sports for the next few weeks but is looking forward to going full steam again after spring break. (In team picture, David is far left on front row)

Betsy is doing great! She continues to loose teeth... but is glad the new ones are beginning to grow in! She's playing T-ball this quarter but can't wait til 3rd grade when she'll graduate to real baseball. Her class has been studying the different countries represented in the class. Today they had a presentation to share about one famous person from their passport country. Betsy choose Pocahontas!

All three continue to do well in school. We're looking forward to their spring break in a few weeks! David will be home and we're planning some good family memory-makers during the week.

We ask you to continue to partner with us in praying for each of them:

  • Pray for the Lord to continue to speak to Betsy's heart about a relationship with Him. Pray for us to be faithful in sharing with her the Good News.
  • As Krysten is involved in classes & various activities at school, pray for the Lord to continue to develop in her a teachable & gentle spirit.
  • Pray for David as he interacts with other students & teachers at school. Ask the Lord to continue to grow him into a young man with a desire to live godly.

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