Friday, November 09, 2007

Nehemiah Teams Filipino Update

It has been an exciting past few months as local churches, associations, & schools have begun planning for their own summer 2008 Nehemiah Teams! Currently there are 6 different national "franchises" preparing to go among the unreached & hard to reach of the Philippines during April & May. There are plans for multiple teams to work among 14 different people groups/areas of the Philippines. Our role has changed from that of "doing it" to "training others to do it" as Jess & Filipino teammate Rey have been providing training for these different franchises. A first for this coming year is an international team... a team of Filipinos traveling to one of the least reached countries in the world using agriculture & community development to spread the light of Christ in this dark place.

  • Pray for local franchises as they pray, plan, & mobilize to fill their teams so they can share with those who haven't heard.
  • Pray for local partners to work with national teams in these unreached & hard to reach areas.
Check our website to see a listing of Filipino teams for summer 2008.

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