Friday, November 09, 2007

Kids Korner

We just finished a week of fall break... it was great having David home from the dorm! We just stayed around the house... enjoying watching some movies & just being together. David had a couple wisdom teeth removed early in the week so he didn't feel like doing much! We even celebrated an early Thanksgiving on Saturday with turkey & pumpkin pie. (Jess will be in the US over Thanksgiving so we figured we'd celebrate while we were all together!)

The kids had a good first quarter in school... grades are good, David was a member of his school's varsity volleyball team and is in the middle of basketball tryouts this week; Krysten is a member of the school's worship team, student government, & yearbook staff; Betsy just started intramural soccer and has lost 2 teeth! We are so thankful for the opportunity the kids have to attend a school with such high caliber teachers and expectations of the students. We know they are learning valuable spiritual & character lessons along with their academic classes. A few examples:
  • Betsy's second grade class memorizes scripture each week... these are not just little short verses but LONG ones that have lots of meat to them! Her class has also spent several weeks studying the life of Miriam... from what I remember from my childhood, Miriam got one lesson and that really wasn't about her... more about her watching over Moses... he was the key person in the story, not Miriam.
  • Krysten's Bible class is studying the book of John this semester. They are also memorizing passages of scripture and have to read the book through 5 times over the semester, as well as Psalms & Proverbs. She can tell you key themes of each chapter as well as key verses.
  • David is in a Discipleship class this semester. Rather than studying a specific book, they are learning how to study on their own using various tools- scripture, Christian biographies, and other Christian writings. To be able to pull out scriptural truths and apply them to their own lives is a goal of this class.
Krysten celebrates her 13th birthday later this month... we'll officially have 2 teenagers in the family! We're excited about this milestone and are thankful for the godly young lady the Lord is growing her to be.
  • Pray for the Lord to continue to speak to Betsy's heart about a relationship with Him. Pray for us to be faithful in sharing with her the Good News.
  • Pray for David as he interacts with other students & teachers at school. Pray the Lord will continue to grow him into a young man with a desire to live godly.
  • As Krysten is involved in classes & various activities at school, pray for the Lord to continue to develop in her a teachable & gentle spirit.

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