Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Highlights

The summer has passed so quickly! We had a great summer... getting to travel as a family on several trips while being involved in various ministries over the course of the summer. Here are just a few highlights from the summer:

David's week with Buhay Sports Ministry. One week, 3 different cities, LOTS of basketball! He had the opportunity to share his testimony twice during the halftime presentations. Thanks to all of you who supported him financially & with your prayers.

Birthdays!! We celebrated 4 family birthdays over the past few weeks: Wendy's, Betsy's (7), David's (16) & Jess's . It was fun celebrating Betsy's & David's as they fell during our summer team's debrief time. So instead of just a family-sized cake... super-size cakes were needed to feed around 40 people!

We had some great family time as we traveled together for various meetings... worked with the medical clinic & Habitat for Humanity teams... took a couple day trips to the beach... even visiting with friends in Butuan during orientation & debrief. A highlight for David was being able to complete the classes & other requirements to get his SCUBA certification. Krysten & Betsy spent time at a local orphanage and we brought "Julian" home with us a couple times for a few days.

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