Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School!

If summer is over... then the next event on the calendar must be SCHOOL!

David headed back to Manila and Faith Academy a couple weeks ago. Now an upperclassman, (Junior) he's excited about getting back in the swing of things at school. This week he's involved in tryouts for the volleyball team while getting used to new teachers and Chemistry, Advanced Math, Economics, Philippine/SE Asia history, Bible, English III, and... weight lifting! Sounds like a pretty tough schedule to mom... including the weight lifting!
Krysten & Betsy are experiencing a new situation this year... a first for our family since we've been in the Philippines. They are both attending Faith Academy here in Davao City. It has always been our choice to homeschool our kids during elementary... but due to our move to Davao City... Faith Academy became an option for us. Krysten is enjoying 7th grade while Betsy is one of 7 students in the 2nd grade class. When we first mentioned the idea to Betsy she promptly told us , "No!" she didn't want to go to Faith Academy but wanted to stay home with mom. After a little prying we found out she thought we were planning to send them to Manila with David! We assured her that we had no intention of doing that but they would go to school here in Davao and continue to live at home. She quickly agreed to that idea! Krysten is enjoying the activities offered... playing percussion in the middle school band, intramural soccer, journalism class, worship team member, as well as her regular subjects are keeping her busy!

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