Sunday, March 27, 2011

American Nehemiah Teams 2010

2010 was an exciting year for our American teams. Many of you were partners with us as we conducted our first stateside orientation & debrief. It was such an encouragement to have so many churches & individuals involved in this training. 105 students from 19 states & Canada were trained & sent out to seven different countries (15 different people groups). Nazareth Baptist Church (Rainsville, AL) hosted this event and provided a large part of the meals with other churches helping with meals & transportation to & from 3 different airports. It was a major undertaking that produced eternal results! At the end of the summer as the teams gathered for debrief, it was exciting to hear what God had done through them:

  • 250 people indicated a decision for Christ with 25 of these following through with baptism,
  • more than 170 orphans cared for,
  • almost 10,000 gospel tracts were distributed,
  • 92 circumcisions were performed plus other basic medical services provided,
  • assisted with 2 baby deliveries,
  • English classes using the Bible were taught to non-believers, many in “closed” countries who don’t allow traditional missionaries,
  • trees were planted,
  • houses were built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity,
  • thousands of pictures were taken,
  • and… thousands of people heard the gospel presented clearly, many possibly for the very first time.

As we begin 2011 we need your partnership again. More students have been requested so we anticipate a larger group of students to train this June. Please let us know if you or your church can help in any of the following areas: providing meals, providing transportation to & from Atlanta, and providing lodging for trainers/facilitators. In 2011 we are looking at having teams in some new countries including India and some European countries. We will also be having our first North American teams. Teams will be returning to the Philippines, Thailand, southern Sudan, Japan, South Korea, and some other Asian countries. A complete listing of the teams can be seen on our website ( or on the IMB Student website (

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