Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back to School: 2009-10

Summer was great... but it's over and time to head back to school. New uniforms... new backpacks... new teachers & classmates... new responsibilities. It was an exciting day! Even the few homework assignments that came home at the end of the day didn't dampen their spirits.
  • Pray for Krysten as she embarks on her high school career... we're sure 9th grade will bring more challenges as well as more opportunities for her personal growth.
  • Pray for Betsy as she enjoys having a "man teacher" this year for 4th grade. She is still confident that the girls will rule the classroom as they outnumber the boys 5 to 3!
  • Pray for David as he is a full-time "Instructional Assistant" at the school this year. He has a full schedule, helping in a couple classrooms in the morning then working with the elementary & middle school PE program for the rest of the day. He also gets to help with lunch & recess duty. :)
Betsy with other 4th grade girls... great buddies!

Krysten with old & new friends

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