Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where am I from?

I am from the United States,
The land of the free and the brave.
Where a two car garage and 2.5 kids is the norm
Where sports are King and Christianity is just another religion.

I am from the Philippines.
The country where corruption is rampant.
The land where the rich become richer
and the poor become poorer.

I am from the city,
From skyscraper and office buildings.
From traffic lights, streets, and suburban homes.
Where drug dealers and gangs roam the streets.

I am from the mountains.
Where trees are everywhere and the roads are dirt.
Where there is no difference between drinking water and laundry water.
Where being rich means having 2 caraboes instead of one.

I am from friends,
where encouragement and disappointment happens.
Where gossip and stories are shared,
Where good or bad memories are made.

I am from family.
Where love is unconditional and nothing has to be proven.
A place where somebody will always be there for you,
A place where you feel safe.

I am from sports,
From the sweat and hard work,
From the bounce of a basketball and the bump of a volleyball.
I am from the hardwood floor and sweet resounding swish of the net.

I am from the classroom,
Where listening is a necessity and talking is forbidden.
I am from teacher's hard work and dedication to excellence,
Where homework isn't a choice but a chore.
Where an "A" is a reward for hard work.

I am from Jesus,
The Author and Perfecter of our faith.
The beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega.
Where my desire is to follow Him and do His will.
Where the Bible is my guide and the Holy Spirit is my interpreter.
I am from Him and for Him.

-David Jennings

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