Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kid's Korner

David is looking forward to his senior year at Faith Academy in Manila. This summer he is busy playing basketball, buzzing around our city on his motorcycle, and spending time with friends. He will have to take a few days out this week to have a couple wisdom teeth removed... not so fun, but that's life! He's excited about getting his official driver's license in a few weeks when he turns 17 and is starting to think about after high school... college, work, the real world. Pray for David as he looks at making decisions concerning college.

Krysten, our social butterfly, is enjoying spending time with friends this summer. She had a great time at our recent annual meeting being a part of a "youth group" for the week. A team from the US came and led the youth program. I think it was definitely a highlight of her summer! Pray for Krysten as she seeks to be the young lady the Lord would have her be.

Betsy is spending a lot of time in the swimming pool. She's looking forward to celebrating her 8th birthday in just a few weeks and is making plans for a sleepover with a bunch of little girls... FUN!! Pray for Betsy that her interest in spiritual things will continue to grow resulting in a personal decision for Christ.

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