Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday update

The road to church was a little muddy in places and lot of bumpy in other places! But it was a beautiful drive along the Agusan River and up through the mountains of the Agusan River Valley.
Sunday morning the team worshipped with a new group that has just begun meeting together in the past few months. These are people from the village of Lawan-Lawan (a village where the team held clinic last summer). However, due to circumstances in the last month, 42 families in the village have evacuated to another area. As Southern Baptists, we have helped these families through the distribution of relief goods during this relocation.

Mike & Tammy both shared a short testimony while Debra & Katherine helped with a class for the children. Afterwards they had a great time taking pictures, especially of the children, and showing them to the kids! They'll have some great pictures to share from this first morning!

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