Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Pictures

PRIME Ultimate Frisbee...

Travel... part of the a TCK's life...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spring Pictures

Betsy with friend, Andrea
Krysten & Betsy after "Velveteen Rabbit" performance
Krysten as "Mother" in the middle school's performance of "The Velveteen Rabbit"
Jess & Wendy on recent trip to a nearby country
Krysten playing soccer with high school girls

Family (minus David) at a friend's wedding this past May

David ready for Jr/Sr Banquet

Krysten ready for Middle School Banquet

Kid's Korner

David is looking forward to his senior year at Faith Academy in Manila. This summer he is busy playing basketball, buzzing around our city on his motorcycle, and spending time with friends. He will have to take a few days out this week to have a couple wisdom teeth removed... not so fun, but that's life! He's excited about getting his official driver's license in a few weeks when he turns 17 and is starting to think about after high school... college, work, the real world. Pray for David as he looks at making decisions concerning college.

Krysten, our social butterfly, is enjoying spending time with friends this summer. She had a great time at our recent annual meeting being a part of a "youth group" for the week. A team from the US came and led the youth program. I think it was definitely a highlight of her summer! Pray for Krysten as she seeks to be the young lady the Lord would have her be.

Betsy is spending a lot of time in the swimming pool. She's looking forward to celebrating her 8th birthday in just a few weeks and is making plans for a sleepover with a bunch of little girls... FUN!! Pray for Betsy that her interest in spiritual things will continue to grow resulting in a personal decision for Christ.

Korean Nehemiah Teams

We are excited to have a team of Korean students serving alongside one of the American Nehemiah Teams. You can read about them on the blog too... they are serving with the Dapitan Team. This is the 2nd year for a Korean team to come to the Philippines... last year there were 2 members... this year there are 6. Next year???

  • Pray for them as they finish up their ministry in the next few days.
  • As they return to Korea, pray for them as they tell their stories and encourage their churches through what God has done in their midst.

American Nehemiah Teams

Little Orphan Nanny... Evangelism... True Love Waits... Agriculture & Construction... Refugee ministry... Urban Poor... Media
These are the ministries God is using this summer through the American Nehemiah Teams. These 60+ American students with their national partners are impacting lostness. There are 15 teams serving in 4 countries in the PacRim region. To read more about their ministries... as well as their daily life... go to our blogs...
Korean team:
PacRim Agriculture:

As they minister for the last few weeks, pray for an increasing boldness in sharing the Gospel.
  • Pray for unity, understanding, & patience among the team members.
  • Pray for the Lord to use their various backgrounds, cultures, & personalities to create opportunities to share the Gospel in unique ways.
  • Pray for national partners working with each of the teams.

American team working in Korea

Filipino Nehemiah Teams

Eleven teams... 13 unreached areas & hard to reach people groups... 52 team members
We praise the Lord for the ministry of the national Nehemiah Teams this past April & May. Six "franchises" sent out 11 teams all over the Philippines to share the Good News. Through the distribution of Gospel tracts, New Testaments, and evangelistic videos, thousands of people heard this Good News face to face. Families heard the gospel through in-home Bible studies. Many indicated a decision to follow Christ and 39 were baptized. Over 1100 children also heard the Gospel through attending Health Camps & VBS.
  • Pray for the national franchises as they prepare for summer 2009 teams.
  • Pray for the 2008 members as they seek how God would have them live their lives as a World Christian.